Do I need to take the full 16 hour class consecutively ?

No.   We recognize that work and family are important and when possible we  work with our students to split up class sessions to best fit your  scheduled.    Modules must be taken in order and should be done within a  reasonable time window.

Is your CCL program approved through the Illinois State Police?

All  of our instructors are certified via the Illinois State Police to  instruct the concealed carry program.  Our program is also certified  with the Illinois State Police for concealed carry and with the Illinois  Department of Professional Regulation for armed security training.

Do I need a FOID card to take your class?

FOID Cards are not required to attend the class or complete the training.

Do I need to have a Firearm?

Students  may use their own firearm provided it is in good working condition.   IPST Staff Instructors will also have firearms, eye and hearing  protection for those in need of equipment.  

What other fees are required to obtain my license?

State License fee $150.00 for a 5 year license.  $3.38 convenience fee is charges for online credit card use.

What if I miss my class date?  I see that some dates are marked as non-refundable and I don't want to lose my money. 

Your  Class Fee is Non-Refundable. However, In the event you do need to  change your original scheduled date for the class we will accommodate  you into another class date as a one time courtesy. However, you must  call 24 hours prior to your scheduled class.

When and Where is the range?  

Range  time is typically held on the second day of the class.   We have one  primary range and 2 back up locations as securing range time for large  groups can sometimes present a challenge.   When we run range time,  we rent the entire range to provide the safest environment possible for  your qualifications   Without distractions from the general public we  can focus 100% attention on our students     Your instructor will  provide range time, location and cover equipment and safety rules during  day 1 of class.    

Range Dress Code

Please refrain from wearing open-toed/slip on shoes and no low cut or v-neck shirts, as hot brass can cause burns.