About Us

Founded  in 2013, Illinois Public Safety Training Group has grown to become one  of the areas leading providers of concealed carry and self defense  training programs. Our instructors are comprised of highly credentialed  and heavily vetted professionals with law enforcement,  military,  fire  and rescue, and civilian training backgrounds.  Each of these  instructors have dedicated their lives to serving,  training  and preparing our students  to prevail.

What sets us apart from other CCW classes?

IPST  classes are built on the principals of immediate action/rapid  deployment response to an active shooter or armed intruder incident as  viewed by a civilian responder.  This is not a tactical operators  class.  This course is designed to be an introduction to firearms, basic  self defense and response to an immediate threat. 

Classroom  instruction is a combination of PowerPoint presentation, video  learning, hands on learning with a combination of SIRT Pistols,  Simunition products and inert rounds so students are comfortable  handling firearms well before our trip to the range.

Our  presentation of the concealed carry act, use of force laws and the  legal system is presented in a manner that any one can understand what  you are legally allowed and not allowed to do under the act. (You wont  need a legal dictionary to get though our law portion of the class.)

Our  instructors, the method we deliver the curriculum and the training  products that we use is what sets us apart from other CCW Classes.    While we deliver classes at some of the most affordable prices in the  area, we will never sacrifice your safety.  All classroom activities are  done with orange "dummy/training rounds", RED SIRT pistols and BLUE/RED  Simunition weapons to keep our classroom environment safe while making  sure you are prepared to move on the live fire session at the range.    During your live fire qualification, you will be with your instructor  which is also Certified Range Safety Officer.

Range  time for our classes are all closed events. This means that we secure  the entire building or shooting area so that there are no public  shooters in the building while we run qualifications.  This helps our  staff control the environments in the area that we are shooting and  ensure the safest range experience possible.